The Longest Zipline in Latin America …and a Huge Tarzan Swing

The longest zipline in Latin America is in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It is 5260 ft long which is just under 1 mile! The entire zipline lasts about 1 min 30 seconds. 

Longest Zipline Video:

I have to admit that I am a bit of a ziplining snob- I don’t think that they are particularly thrilling. Since I’ve done a lot of other high adrenaline activities such as the World’s highest bungee jump, ziplines are usually a little tame for me. However, this one in Monteverde was really fun and I would definitley recommend to people of all ages. I wouldn’t describe it as scary at all- its just a fun ride where you get to whizz through and over the forest canpoy and take in the views! The only time it might be a little scary is if you have a fear of heights. You do feel very secure in the harness and you can look straight ahead rather than down if you want to!

In order to do the zipline I booked the ‘Canopy Tour’ with company, 100% Adventura.  It cost $50 US Dollars but there was a lot included:

– 9 regular ziplines
– 2 Superman Ziplines (which includes the longest zipline in Latin America)
– 1 hammock bridge
– 1 rappel
– 1 Mega Tarzan Swing

Most of the regular ziplines are fun but fairly short and are there to help you warm up for the bigger ones. There are 2 really long ones that you can opt to ride Superman style (laying on your front). The rappel is simple and only about 2 storeys high. My favourite part was the Mega Tarzan Swing. Annoyingly, I cannot seem to find information on exactly how high this was but you can see from my video below!  This was great fun but a little scarier for those who are afraid of heights. The staff at 100% Adventura will give you the option to go and look and if you want to back out you can. But, to quote Shia LaBeouf, I say ”Just Do It!”.

Tarzan Swing Video:


Other Ziplines Video:


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